hi! i'm sabrina zhu: 

I am a maker of things, including product and interaction design. I graduate from University of Washington in June 2021, where I majored in Interaction Design and minored in Diversity.
I'm passionate about using design to unravel the complicated and systemic parts of life. I see design as an abolitionist tool for building community and creating alternatives to the oppressive systems we live under. I love a complex puzzle, a non-linear process, and putting creative minds together to inspire meaningful change.
On the personal side, I love a sunny patch of grass, morning yoga, farmers markets, getting off the screen, and trying out a new sourdough recipe. I could spend hours on climate justice, mutual aid, abolitionist theory, and Twitter.
I am constantly in the process of unlearning and welcome any thoughts and discussions from those who are willing to share!
Find me at sabrina.j.zhu@gmail.com and check out my resume here!